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About Restaurant Careers

This integrated digital recruitment platform is an exciting new development for the Consumer Recreation Services Group. CRS has 15 years of proven experience with the sourcing and placing of staff in the restaurant industry. Understanding of staffing needs in the restaurant business and related environments, makes us ideally suitable to assist with your recruitment and placement process.

The world of work has progressively moved to the digital sphere and that is our new offer to you: an integrated digital platform where the potential employer in the restaurant business, and the jobseeker looking for a position in the restaurant environment, can meet.

This one-stop, fully integrated digital recruitment space will provide you the employer, with the opportunity to list available positions, to specify the requirements for the job and the specific personality traits that you are looking for in the ideal applicants. This can be done in a time efficient, accurate and economical manner to ensure that you attract the most suitable prospective candidates.

To you the jobseeker, it will provide a data base of available positions that may meet your specific requirements and you can then immediately submit your application in the prescribed digital format.

It is our expertise and our passion to unite employers and jobseekers at all levels in the restaurant industry. With this venture we offer a digital space where you can freely and safely interact in a highly competitive labour market to find your ideal employee, or you the jobseeker, can find your dream position.

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