Hospitality Careers Profile Development Program

Are you looking for new job opportunities in the post covid-19 Hospitality Industry?

Improve you chances to find a position in the post covid-19 hospitality job market.

The new corona virus has radically changed the world of work we know and the hospitality industry in particular, was hit extremely hard. Many businesses closed down and will not open their doors again. Thousands of employees have lost their jobs and sadly more will still lost their jobs.

In the new post covid-19 world, there will be fewer jobs and more candidates will be competing for the available opportunities.

It is therefore more important than ever to focus your job search and to present yourself and your abilities in the best possible manner in order to secure a new position.

Better your chances to find a position in the current hospitality job market by enrolling for the Hospitality Careers Profile Development Program.

The program consists of 4 Modules
Module 1 – Job search techniques: where to look for work, what websites/platforms to use, how to apply.
Module 2 – Job application assistance: create an online presence, register on websites, set up job alerts
Module 3 – Reference assistance: how to present references. credit history.
Module 4 – Career guidance: what positions to apply for, positions available, industry trends.

Upon completion you will get
* A professional CV in 2 formats
* A credit report for submission with future applications

Format, Duration & Cost
* On-line participation in your own time or,
* One-on-one approximately 2 hours
* R499.00

To make a booking or for more information please contact – Hospitality Careers at

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